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The reason I started the "Our Community Chat" website was because I disagreed with what Mohave Valley Elementary School District #16 was going to do and has done which was close down the Mohave Valley Elementary School Campus.

I made a comment on the school districts group page on Facebook and it was promptly removed and then another comment was put up by the district superintendent stating that unsubstantiated criticism would not be tolerated on their group page. Then the school districts superintendent messaged me that if I wanted to start my own group page he would post the link to it in their group page...I replied that I would just start my own website and his reply was like you can really do that...One thing you don't tell a computer tech is what they can not do with a computer and since I had a corporate servers sitting idle I believe I have put one of them to good use.

I do believe that "Our Community Chat" has a greater purpose and that is because of it's Town Hall atmosphere. Our Community Chat is a Town Hall website where everyone has a VOICE without being told to shut up or be in fear of being removed from a board meeting which has happened here where I live also being suspended or even banned from other Social Websites.